Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet the Characters

Cast of Characters:
-Lamar Swift: Swift is the Executive Director of the Solar Federation and is the man making all of the decisions. He makes these decisions based the interpretation of data by the Chief Interpreter, Max Jablonski

-Max Jablonski: Jablonski is the Chief Interpreter of Data. He looks at data given to him by Multivac and accordingly gives a report to Swift who in turn, uses the report to make his descisions

-John Henderson: Henderson is Chief Programmer of Multivac. He supplies the supercomputer with data, and the machine turns that data into predictions, which Jablonski sees and interprets in his report to Swift.

-Multivac: the world's smartest supercomputer that gives humans an edge over the Denebians, whom we are at war with. This computer is fed data by programmers and then, it makes calculations based on the data in order to predict the Denebians' next move. Multivac is credited with winning the war for the humans, therefore known as The Machine That Won the War.


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